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Frequently Asked Questions

A Psychiatrist is a medical expert in the field of Psychiatry. He/She has first completed his/her MBBS degree and then went on to complete MD/Diploma/DNB course in Psychiatry. They assess patients in detail medically/psychologically/neurologically/socially and can prescribe medicines for various illnesses. They can also do counseling/psychotherapy.
A psychologist first completes Graduation (BA) and post-graduation (MA) in the field of psychology. They need M.Phil course in Psychology to become a Clinical Psychologist. They can also complete Doctrate (Phd) in Psychology. They are registered with Rehablitation Council of India (RCI). They do all types of Psychological testings/Psychometry along with Counseling/Psychotherapy. They do not prescribe medicines.
No. People visit a Psychiatrist for multiple reasons. It may be for simple reasons like having anxiety, restlessness, sleep problems, headache, adjustment issues, career counseling, stress management, personality testing & development etc etc. These common problems can be faced by anybody. There are some major mental illnesses in which a patients behaviour may get severely disorganized and disinhibited but even these conditions last only till proper treatment is done. They get treated very well with expert help. Modern scientific medicines/methods are very helpful in these conditions. “MAD” and “MADNESS” are derogatory terms and should not be used for anybody.
No. Doctors in other speciality are not trained in proper way to treat psychiatry patients. They don’t know the assessment methods used by psychiatrists & psychologists. They don’t give adequate time to assess the patient’s problems. Many a times the illness gets worse after treatment by other speciality doctors. People go to them because of STIGMA & LACK of AWARENESS. But this practice should be avoided. Other doctors should be contacted only when Psychiatrists are not available and that too only in emergency for psychiatric symptoms. Though they can treat patients for non-psychiatric symptoms & other illnesses.
No. it’s a myth that medicines used for treating psychiatric illnesses are addicting & continue for life long. It all depends upon the kind of mental illness a patient is facing. For some conditions the treatment hardly last for few days/ weeks. For others it may last for months. A very small group of patients require treatment for long period. Addiction develops only by inappropriate usage of medicines without proper consultation.